The New Kid in Town
Season 01, Episode 01
The New Kid in Town
Air Date January 12, 2007
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The New Kid in Town is the first episode of Cory in the House. It originally aired on January 12, 2007.


Cory and Victor move to Washington D.C. where Victor has been hired as the personal chef for the newly-elected president. Now Cory must get used to a new school and deal with the president's 8 year old daughter Sophie.

He meets Meena, Newt, and the head of the CIA's son Jason at his new school. He must learn about Horses after telling Meena he likes to ride horses too.

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  • This episode mark the reappearance of Cory and Victor
  • This is the first mention of Raven and Tonya Baxter from the previous show
  • It is revealed that Cory is afraid of horses
  • This episode premiered after the Disney Channel Original Movie Jump In.


Samantha (to Victor): Chef Victor! I need to know your status.
Victor: Well, I have a lovely wife, who's studying law in England and my daughter Raven is going to college...
Samantha: Okay, not your personal status! The sundae, man! The sundae!
Cory: (to Sophie) You are too cute! Look at you. What do you like to play?
Sophie: I like tea parties, dress-up and playing with my dollies. Oh, where are my manners? What do you like to play?
Cory: Well, I like video games, basketball, playing the drums...
Sophie: (forcefully) No, you like tea parties, dress-up and playing with my dollies!
Newt: It's gonna be a rockin' horse party! But not a rocking horse party, so don't bring your rocking horse. I made that mistake once.
Jason: So, Meena, how would you like to come over tonight? I've got some satellite photos of your family vacation.
Meena: Yeah, that's not creepy at all.