Ain't Miss Bahavian
Season 01, Episode 02
Ain't Miss Bahavian
Air Date January 19, 2007
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Ain't Miss Bahavian is the second episode in Season 1 of Cory in the House


When Ambassador Paroom, the ambassador of Bahavia and Meena's father finds out that Meena has forgotten her backpack he brings it to school and finds out she has not been following traditional Bahavian ways.

Then when he catches her performing with Cory and Newt, he tells her she can never see and talk to them again.

Cory decides to show the ambassador how much he respects Bahavian culture, but he was given bad advice from Newt to show how to disrespect a Bahavian

Meanwhile, Victor and Samantha try to get Sophie to eat other foods such as vegetables and not just french fries.

Trivia & Goofs

  • When Meena's father enters the room, you see that the microphone stand starts to go down slowly. Then it goes to a close-up of Meena's dad, but then it goes back to the shot of the stage with the microphone stand all the way up.
  • How could Cory have his own CD already? In "That's So Raven," he always said he could only play one song.
  • Cory says that he left his drums in San Francisco, but where? With Tanya in England and Raven at college, Victor would have to sell the house. The only explanation would be that the drums are with his friends.



Meena (to Cory & Newt): So, you guys want to jam after school? My dad said it would be cool.
Cory: Really?
Meena: Well, he actually didn't use the word "cool." He said, uh, "Be home by 6:00 and don't disgrace me!" Which is cool for him.
Sophie: (motions for Victor to come over) Chef Victor, I don't see my french fries!
Victor: Sophie, I'm putting my foot down! I am an adult and you are a child and I say no more french fries!
Sophie: Okay and I'm telling my daddy that you yelled at me. (cries) Daddy!
Victor: No! Sophie! No-no-no-no! Look at the bunny! (makes a bunny out of the cloth he was holding)
Sophie: (cries)
Victor: Okay, fine! I'll heat up the grease!
Sophie: (stops crying) Thank you!
(The school bell rings)
Newt: What was that?
Cory: That's the school bell.
Newt: Good, so you heard it, too.